2011 Winners

Congratulations to all
of our 2011 winners!
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One Shot Winners

Best Edward/Bella: Playtime by Roon0

Best Bella/Jake: I'm Coming Home by MellyB6

Best Cullen Lovin’: The Moon Over Volterra by Raum

Best Vamp Volturi/Nomad/Non-Cullen: La Dolce Vita by WolvesCanEatMe

Best Running with the Wolves: (fic pulled)

Best Slash/Femslash/Threesome/etc.: Deeper Waters by Theladyingrey42

Best Original Character:Bonizella in Confession by Camilla10

Best Drama/Angst/Hurt/Comfort: The Cliff by Raum

Best Supernatural/Fantasy/Horror/Spiritual/Sci/Fi: Captive Heart by Einfach Mich

Best Adventure/Mystery/Crime/Western/Historical:Tie 

Twilight On The Prairie by Ilovealion

Best Family/Friendship: A Night To Remember by HeartofDarkess

Short Story Winners

Best Running with the Wolves: In His Mind by Jn208505

Best Drama/Angst/Hurt/Comfort: Obsession by Jasper's Cupcake

Best Supernatural/Fantasy/Horror/Spiritual/Sci/Fi: Silenced Voices by Maxipoo1024

Full Length Fic - WIP Winners

Best Edward/Bella: Arms by VirginiaMay

Best Cullen Lovin’: Hedone Ranch by JenJadeEyes

Best Vamp Volturi/Nomad/Non-Cullen: Release Me by IzPerplexing

Best Running with the Wolves: (Fic Pulled)

Best Slash/Femslash/Threesome/etc.: Just Out Of Reach by theonlykyla

Best Drama/Angst/Hurt/Comfort: Music Of The Heart by wmr1601

Best Supernatural/Fantasy/Horror/Spiritual/Sci/Fi: Amore Vietato by blackjacklily

Best Adventure/Mystery/Crime/Western/Historical: I'm Only Sleeping by Simaril

Best Family/Friendship: Through His Eyes by Red Summer

Full Length Fic - Complete Winners

Best Vamp Volturi/Nomad/Non-Cullen: The Volturi Saga New Dawn by CherryPower

Best Running with the Wolves: Losing Control by StupidLeeches

Best Drama/Angst/Hurt/Comfort: Unloved Unwanted by Content1

Best Supernatural/Fantasy/Horror/Spiritual/Sci/Fi: Don't Give Up On Me by Earthprincess4

Best Family/Friendship: Love Life Family by CarlieC

Newbie Author Winner - Tie

Oldie but Goodie Author Winner

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