Full Length Fic - Complete Nominees

Full Length Fic Completed Nominees will be posted as they are validated.
Please check back at the end of August.

Character and Pairing Nominees
  • Best Edward/Bella
  • Best Cullen Lovin’ (Excluding E/B)
  • Best Vamp Volturi/Nomad/Non-Cullen (any pairing)
  • Best Running with the Wolves (excluding Bella/Jake)
  • Best Slash/Femslash/Threesome/etc. (any pairing)

Genre Nominees
  • Best Romance (any pairing)
  • Best Drama/Angst/Hurt/Comfort (any pairing)
  • Best Supernatural/Fantasy/Horror/Spiritual/Sci/Fi (any pairing)
  • Best Humor (any pairing)
  • Best Adventure/Mystery/Crime/Western/Historical (any pairing)