Rules and Validation Info

Validation Criteria
Story must have been completed or updated within the last 12 months. (July 1, 2011-present)
Must meet these review guidelines
     The review count is based on the date on which the story is nominated.
     Stories that post on multiple sites will be validated by the highest review count. Therefore a story with 100 reviews on Twilighted but 1000 on is not eligible for nomination.
     Any nominations in violation of these rules will be disqualified.

A story will be ineligible if there are significant grammar/punctuation/spelling mistakes.

Stories that are nominated for multiple categories will be validated to see where it fits best.  Any story nominated in more than two different categories is under the discretion of the validation team. No story will be up for voting in more than two categories per round.

Story Authors CAN nominate their own stories, however they may only nominate ONE of their own stories per nomination form (one O/S or short story and one full length fic). If this rule is ignored and more than one story is nominated by its author, both of them will be disqualified. The validation team will NOT be choosing which story should be included, so please only nominate one of your stories per round.

The host’s stories are eligible for nomination should someone choose to nominate them.  Someone other than the author will validate that the story meets the qualifications of the contest.  Because this will be voted on by the public, host stories will be allowed.

Please do not nominate a story that has previously won an Emerging Swan Award (Full list of 2011 Winners).  We are really looking for the stories that are under the radar, giving these up and coming authors and stories some notice.  This will be part of the validation process and will be disqualified if they have won this award last year.  If the story was nominated but did not win, it would still be considered eligible.

Winners will receive not only bragging rights, but a lovely banner made by the fabulous christag_banner and a spotlight review on Twific Review’s blog.

*Please contact us at if you are interested in helping validate stories for these awards.  Validation team member's stories are eligible to be nominated.

**The contest hosts reserve the right to disqualify any story/author not falling within the validation criteria, and to alter the contest in any manner they see fit. Any changes will be noted prior to the voting rounds.